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Blackwell Archive


P. Blackwell

Pamela was a strong-minded woman. Just days before her passing I received an email from her with the subject line stating ‘double ugly’. The email consisted of her critiquing a badly designed SUV. She was always critical about design and she was passionate until the end.

Although we were from two completely different generations, Pamela and I developed a close friendship. We would talk and debate about design, relationships, food, and the future of Los Angeles.

Pamela was also a very generous person. She helped fund my semester in Berlin. And it was on that trip when I received the news of her death. It felt so sudden and because I was abroad I could not properly say goodbye. My heart was heavy and I truly felt like I had lost not just an instructor, but a close friend.

A few days after her passing I received an email informing me that I was mentioned in her will, which surprised me. I was honored to find out that she bequeathed to me all royalties from her library of photographs, which included some her father took of famous race car drivers in the 50’s and 60’s. Carlyle Blackwell Jr was known for photographing cars in large format, while most car photographers were using smaller film at the time.

Sorting through the negatives and helping edit the photos, I thought about how remarkable it was to be in possession of these treasured items capturing a romantic era of car racing. From the hands of a legend of car photography, passed to his talented and forward thinking daughter, and now to me, a student of car design aiming to transfer all of this passion into a future of inspiring transportation.

Here are a few select images from Carlyle Blackwell’s collection. Most of them have not been reproduced or edited until now. Pamela, thank you, and Rest In Peace. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Love, Tito


Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen pthotographed at Riverside International Raceway in 1959, where he was racing his black ‘58 Porsche 1600 Super Speedster.

J.P. Kunstle 550   Veteran Porsche 550 expert, Jean Pierre Kunstle in his famous - and succesful- favorite ride.

J.P. Kunstle 550

Veteran Porsche 550 expert, Jean Pierre Kunstle in his famous - and succesful- favorite ride.

Ernie McAfee with friends

Ernie McAfee chats with friends near his big six-cylinder Ferrari 121LM.

Ernie McAfee’s accident

Pebble beach, April 1956: The end of racing in the Pebble Beach woods. The skid marks were 129 feet and Ernie McAfee’s Ferrari 121LM hit the tree hard enough to break it in half. The tree hit the driver’s door - and Ernie.

Phil Hill in a 860 Monza with hood open

Pebble Beach 1956: The mighty Ferrari 3.5-liter-four-cylinder 860 Monza of west coast Ferrari distributor John von Neumann. Phil Hill was his driver, and finished second to Carroll Shelby.

Phil Hill on track

Pebble Beach, April 1956: Phil Hill showing a little oversteer in the 860 Monza of Ferrari west coast distributor John von Neumann. He finished second to Shelby in the Del Monte trophy race.

Carroll Shelby in car

Pebble Beach 1956, texan, Carroll Shelby is shown here in Allen Guiberson’s 750 Monza with a 21-year-old Texas oilman named Jim Hall (on left).

Jack McAfee in Porsche Spyder 550

Pebble Beach 1956, Jack McAfee winning the under 2-liter class in one of John Edgar’s three Porsche 550 spyders.


The Blackwell collection images are available for licensing and as high quality poster prints. Please inquire in the ‘About’ page. More images will be uploaded soon!